Pulsar 4E Pro ARF

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60.00 LBS
200.00 (cm)
50.00 (cm)
20.00 (cm)
Current Stock:
157.5" (4000mm)
70" (1780mm)
67-70 oz. (1895-1980g)
Good: MVVS 5.6/690, 15x10 folding
Better: Race 2026/3600 6.7:1, 16x10 folding
TP2700 4S
38mm spinner
The Pulsar 4E Pro is the latest and largest addition to the ever-growing Pulsar family of hand-made electric sailplanes. Built at our request, this model is a larger evolution of the mid sized 2.5m Pulsar. The Pulsar 4E models use the AG25 modified airfoil designed by Dr. Mark Drela specifically for 3m and larger thermal duration planes. Just like its smaller cousins, the entire model is constructed using free-flight techniques. The wing is a balsa built-up Carbon Fiber and Kevlar D-box design that utilizes carbon fiber faced balsa ribs and carbon fiber trailing edge. The open section of the wing, as well as the tail parts, are covered with UltraCote. The fuselage is made of white gel-coated 2.4GHz friendly fiberglass/Kevlar with carbon fiber tapered boom and removable carbon fiber canopy. The three piece wing and 2-piece conventional tail are each easily removable for transport and storage. The rudder as well as elevator servos install in the vertical fin. The careful use of composites, combined with an underlying wood structure in the wing, ensures a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. This is an extremely light, high performance model. 

Virtually perfect, very well made and extremely clean. One of the most advanced addition to the ever-growing Pulsar family of hand-made electric sailplanes. 
Special Features:
- Control Surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Flaps
Kevlar 2.4GHz friendly fuselage with extended nose
- Tight covering, with all seams hand-sealed
- Elegant gel-coated white Fiberglass/Kevlar fuselage with CF tapered boom
- Highly efficient pylon mounted wing
- Ready-built Balsa/CF/Kevlar D-tube 3-piece PLUG-IN wing design
- Transparent Ultracote covered wings and tail parts
- Includes all necessary hardware
- Virtually perfect, extremely clean and well made 

More Information (links): 
* Building Pictures and Details

Wing area 
Wing loading 
Empty weight 
: AG 25 mod.
: 1318 sq.in. (85 sg.dm)
: 7-7.5 oz/sq.ft. (22-23 g/sg.dm)
: 39 oz. (1100g)
Suggested Equipment:
(1) Race 2026/3600 6.7:1
(1) Jeti Spin Pro 100 ESC
(1) TP2700 4S battery
(4) HS-5085MG servo (ailerons, flaps)
(1) HS-5125MG servo (elevator)
(1) MKS Ds6100 servo (rudder)
(4) Servo frame Hitec HS-85BB/85MG
(1) Servo frame MKS Ds6100 
(1) BB 38/6/8mm folding spinner
(1) Aeronaut 16x10 folding propeller
(1) Deans connector
(2) 48" Servo extension
(2) 36" Servo extension
(2) 9" Servo extension
(2) 6" Servo extension
(4) 3" Servo extension
(1) Velcro strap for folding propeller