3DHS 51" AJ Slick - Orange

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The 51” Andrew Jesky Slick has taken the electric aerobatic world by storm. This is the high performance small aerobatic aircraft that you are looking for. Big enough to track with tremendous stability and shrug off gusty winds, the Slick still fits into your compact car.

Andrew Jesky (the 2009 and 2010 USA F3a pattern champion, 2008 ETOC champion, and Shootout invitational pilot) designed the 51” Slick to have the aerobatic prowess of a giant scale aerobatic plane in both precision and 3D flight. The recommended setup on 4S lipo is extremely powerful and gives the Slick serious vertical performance.
All ball-link hardware is included for very precise control and the carbon fiber landing gear is anchored to a fiberglass-reinforced block assembly. The removeable wings ride on a strong carbon fiber tube spar. Real ultracote covering, included wingbags, and a precision throwmeter round out the package – which gives incredible bang for your RC buck.


Product Information

Wingspan: 51" Length: 51"

Wing Area: 535 sq.in.

Weight (RTF): 55-63 oz.


Recommended Components

Motor: Hacker A30-12XL ESC: Hacker X70 SBEC

Servos: Hitec HS-85MG

Battery: Thunder Power 4s 2200-2650mAh LiPo


Alternate Components

Motors: Extreme Flight Torque 2812T-720 / Hacker A30-10XL ESCs: Extreme Flight Airboss 60A Elite Extreme Flight Airboss 80A Elite Castle Creations ICE-Lite 75A

Servos: N/A

Batteries: Thunder Power 3s 2600-3300mAh


Required to Complete

All Electronics (See Recommended Components)

Extensions: 1x 18" Standard 2x 4" Standard 1x 8" Standard

Hardware: 52mm-2" Electric Spinner Dubro #672 Super Strength Servo Arms APC 14x7E Propeller or APC 15x6E Propeller

Adhesives: Thin CA, Medium CA



Customer Reviews
5 Stars Best all-around 3D Machine!
  The 51" Slick was my first-ever 3D plane. I'd previously flown warbirds and 100mph+ speed planes for 1-1/2 years. This was an easy transition for me. The larger 51" size handles exceedingly well in the wind, and has very clean and forgiving handling characteristics. I pulled my first Knife-Edge spin within a month thanks to this plane, and Bone Doc's instructional videos. This plane is capable of the most strenuous 3D maneuvers with absolutely no bad tendencies. Excellent!
  Reviewed by:  Chris Hartsell from Redmond, Washington. on 3/1/2011
5 Stars 51" Slick
  Awesome plane and a perfect size for an electric setup. If you go with the recommended setup you will not be disappointed - plenty of power and flight time. What amazes me about this plane is how much control you have a low speeds. Slow, high alpha moves like upright harriers or low and slow knife edges are blast to fly and you feel totally connected to the plane. I recommend a Slick in any size the the 51" is a classic.
  Reviewed by:  Michael Timms from Georgia. on 10/6/2010
5 Stars Solid, Solid, Solid
  After flying the 42" Slick for 7 months I graduated into the 51". It feels so solid in the air. Performs everything you throw at it with ease and really has a commanding presence in the sky and on the ground. Just a solid platform for 3D and really makes the pilot of it look better than they are. Will never go without this plane.
  Reviewed by:  denver from Osceola, IN. on 8/18/2010
5 Stars 51 slick
  This is the best plane I have ever flown. It does everything well. It will do any 3D manuver you ask and make you look good doing it. Its a very big looking plane for only being 51 inches so dont let thewing span fool you.. The plane is beutifull and perfectly built. Will always have one in the hanger!!!
  Reviewed by:  Matthew from obx NC. on 8/11/2010


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