Leopard Power 2200 mAh 25C 3S 11.1v Lipo Battery

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LiPo Battery Characteristics:
Type: High Discharge Li-Po Battery
Model No.: 2200mah/11.1V/25C
Minimum Capacity: 2200mAh
Configuration: 3S / 11.1V / 3 Cell
Continuous Discharge Current: 25C(55A) 
Burst Discharge Current (10 sec): 50C(110A) 
Charge Rate: 1-2C(max.5C)
Pack Weight: 162g
Pack Size: L 105 x W 33.3x H 23.4mm

Product Typical Features:

1.High rate,high energy,high performance
2.Low inner resistance,long cycle life
3.Thickness can be adjusted while width and heigth keep the same
4.With protection board,safe and environment friendly
5.Factory mastered technology and competitive price