86" AJ ARS 300- Purple

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Introducing the all new 86" ARS 300 MkII, an upgraded version of the original 83" ARS 300.  Still based around the full scale version of the ARS 300, we took our old wing design and improved upon it giving the plane an extra 75 sq. in. of wing area, all while reducing the overall weight of the plane by 1/4 lb.  This change will allow the plane to keep its awesome tumbling characteristics while gaining a lighter feeling while airborne, all while using your favorite 50cc-60cc class engine.
The new, upgraded wings can also be bought separately as a direct bolt on to your original 83" ARS 300!

Up Your Game! Fly AJ Aircraft

The 411:
  • Wing Span - 86"
  • Length - 87"
  • Wing Area - 1225 sq in. (1395 sq in. w/ fuse)
  • AUW (dry) - 17 - 18 lbs.
  • Electric Power - 5500+ Watt motor, 135amp ESC, 12s 5000mah lipo
  • Gas Power - 50cc to 60cc
  • Radio - Recommended 6 channel with 5 high torque metal-geared servos, 1 high speed throttle servo
What's in the box:
  • Pre-hinged, glued and sealed ailerons & elevators
  • Carbon fiber main landing gear
  • Carbon fiber main wing tube
  • Removable horizontal stabs & rudder
  • G10 fiberglass control horns
  • Aluminum reinforced landing gear mount
  • Aluminum reinforced firewall
  • Full-length tuned pipe/canister tunnel
  • Tuned Pipe/Canister muffler mounts
  • Heavy duty foam wheels with aluminum hubs
  • Heavy duty steel axles
  • Thick heavy duty pre-drilled wheel pants
  • Pre-drilled & rubber lined landing gear cuffs
  • Firewall drilling templates for common engines
  • Pre-run rudder pull-pull wires (turnbuckle also included for push-pull option)
  • High quality ball links & turnbuckles for all connections
  • Extra hardware bag for spares
  • Velcro for fuel tank or battery restraint
  • All airframe components covered in genuine Ultracote, available in 2 color schemes
    • Origin Scheme (White HANU870, Orange HANU877, Midnight Blue HANU885, Silver HANU881)
    • Fusion Scheme (White HANU870, Pearl Purple HANU847, Fluor Lime HANU893, Pearl Charcoal HANU846, Silver HANU881)
NOTE:  This product is shipped in two separate boxes.  
The main box measures 83"L x 16"W x 20"H (35 lbs. total),  The wing box measures 43"L x 25"W x 8"H (15 lbs. total).
AJ flies this airframe with the following equipment:
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