3DHS 108" Extra 330LT- Black/ Yellow (WITH Spinner and Wingbag)

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 Introducing the new... 108" Extra 330 LT


The 3DHobbyShop 108" Extra 330 LT is a beautiful, high-performance scale aerobatic ARF aircraft. 

The 108" Extra 330LT is a 35% scale aircraft designed for 100-120CC gas engines, such as the mighty Desert Aircraft DA-120 twin.  Featuring two beautiful schemes in genuine Oracover/Ultracote , the LT is full of features:

    • Wood/Carbon hybrid structure
    • Carbon main and tail landing gear
    • Removable rudder
    • Carbon wing tube with carbon receivers
    • Dual carbon tail tubes
    • Sewn cloth wing and tail bags
    • Cross-drilled axles
    • Aluminum-center wheels
    • High quality ball link hardware
    • Vinyl graphics
    • Composite wing tips
  • Side-force generators

...and more.  All of these features are applied to a design which employs all of the latest advancements to create a perfect balance of precision and 3D performance.  All of the range of 3D maneuvers are perfectly stable and predictable, while precision flight has world-class tracking with excellent snap and spin performance.  The 108" Extra 330LT is easy and predictable for any pilot, but capable of world class flight performance. The 108" Extra 330LT is lightweight, making a 100CC engine a viable choice for aerobatic flight and 3D.  Metal gear-high torque servos are required.   




Wingspan: 108" 
Length (with spinner): 100" with rudder installed, 90" without rudder 
Wing area: 2180 sq. in. 
Weight (RTF): 23-28 lbs.

Recommended Components:

Engine: 100-120cc 



Motor: Hacker Q80-6L 

Servos: 7-10 High quality, > 350 oz/in servos


7x MKS 777 Servos, 1x Savox SC-1252MG for throttle + Graupner 5.9V 5A Voltage Controller


7x Savox SA-1270TG, 1x Savox SC-1252MG for throttle + Graupner 5.9V 5A Voltage Controller


6x Savox SA-1231SG, 1x Savox SA-1230SG, 1x Savox SC-1252MG for throttle + Graupner 5.9V 5A Voltage Controller

Required to complete:

Extensions: 2x 48" Heavy Duty 

2x 24" Heavy Duty 
1x 18" Heavy Duty 
2x 12" Heavy Duty 

Spinner: 4.5"

Servo Arms

6-10 x 2" Servo Arms 

0-1 x 4" Double-Side Servo Arm 


Falcon 29 x 9 Carbon Gas Propeller 


Adhesives: Thin & Medium CA, 5-30min Epoxy or Gorilla Glue